Property's checking

The purchase of a property is one of the most expensive transactions economic transactions we conclude in our lifes as well as one of the most complicated transactions and it may hide a lot of traps and hidden points.However,there are things we can do in order not to be directed to a wrong choice.

A.Investment checking

This stage concludes:
  • The making of a decision about the form of the investment (plot,apartment,store,cottage e.t.c)
  • The localization of the area that fits to our necessities and desires (namely,in the center,either in the suburbs or close to the station,Metro e.t.c.)
  • The way for the financing of the Market (same funds or loan)
  • The choice of the best method for finding as possible as more properties for selection.
  • The final valuation of the options.
B.Financial checking

Should be checked:
  • The doses of the transaction's part according to the progress of the work in case of the property is under reconstruction.
  • Previous owner's or contractor's possible debts because the new owner is incurred by these debts.
C.Legality's checking of titles (legal checking)
  • The checking's accomplishment of the titles' legacy and the reduction and signing of the final contract  of the property's transeference  should be assigned to a laywer.
  • Property's problems such as mortgages,seizures or claims against any person and if they can be turned (current owner or previous) are checked.

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